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Tradeshow Booth Guide

Booth Types There are many options when it comes to tradeshow displays: modular, island, portable, tabletop and popup to name just a few. The type of display you will want should correlate to your objectives for attending the trade show. If you are looking to make a big splash, go with a custom modular exhibit. Looking for ease of use? Then consider a portable or tabletop exhibit. Prices and costs of exhibits vary as much as the different models and designs.

Booth Manufacturers Tradeshow exhibit manufacturers come in every shape and size. From large production houses such as Nimlok, Octanorm, Laarhoven Design and Nomadic Display to local mom and pop studios. You can also purchase an exhibit through a dealer (rather than from the manufacturer) who should be able to provide you with a comparison of products from multiple manufacturers.

Rent of Buy? Renting a tradeshow booth may be beneficial if you only exhibit in one or two shows a year. Costs are lower and the renter will normally transport and store the booth for you. Also consider renting if you would like to compare features of different types of exhibts before purchasing. Buying a tradeshow booth is more practical if you exhibit in numerous events each year. The initial cost may be substantial, but you will save money in the long run.

Tradeshow Glossary

Island Booths Freestanding exhibits that are surrounded by traffic aisles on all four sides in order to maximize traffic and exposure.

Modular Booths Lightweight, prefabricated exhibit or stand that is constructed with interchangeable components designed to be setup in various arrangements and sizes.

Popup Displays Compact booths or stands that can be folded up for easy transport. Sometimes called self-contained exhibits when the shipping case is used as part of the exhibit.

Custom Exhibit An exhibit or stand that is designed and built to meet the specific needs of an exhibitor.